• Yyp

    Test - poll of everything

    February 23, 2015 by Yyp Considering doing this for Bleach Wikia. These appear as pics rather than standard poll on CoD Wikia.

    1. Espada
    2. Captain (from SS arc)
    3. Captain (from final arc)
    4. Lieutenant (ditto)
    5. Zanpakuto
    6. Bankai
    7. Sternritter
    8. Bount
    9. Antagonist
    10. Ichigo's group
    11. Method of combat: zanjutsu, kido, hand-to-hand, etc
    12. Visored
    13. Kido (hado & bakudo separate)

    As there will be no Bleach chapter this week, I thought we could have a little fun to pass the time while we wait for the next chapter. So below you can vote for your favorite elements from the Bleach series, such as Captains, Espada, Sternritter, Zanpakuto and more! Who is the best Visored? How about the best Kidō? Your vote…

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