Spam and Vandalism - No using chat for advertising, posting the same thing over and over and/or vandalizing with defaming remarks and the like.

No Caps - Users should not be writing in all capital letters, otherwise called shouting. The occasional use for emphasis is alright but excessive use is not alright.

No Trolling, flaming or provoking others, - Users should not be trolling or purposefully annoying other users in the chat.

Edit Count Requirement - A mainspace edit count of 10 constructive edits is required to get on chat. Users not meeting the requirement are asked to leave the chat until they have enough constructive edits.

No Roleplaying - an extension of our fan fiction rules. Users should not be using chat to roleplay. If they want to roleplay, they can go to the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki chat.

Language - keep harsh language to a minimum. No swearing, no self censoring, just keep it clean.

Be nice and calm - Not every user wants to participate in every single discussion. If somebody does not wish to engage with the discussion, be respectful and do not annoy them.